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Muhiyddin Ibn al-Arabi

Ibn al-ʿArabī, was a 13th-century Arab Andalusian scholar, mystic, poet, and a man of God, highly influential in Islamic thought. He authored around 450 works, with approximately 300 considered authentic. He is traditionally titled Muḥyīddīn (The Reviver of Religion) and honored with the honorific Shaykh al-Akbar (The Greatest Sheikh) within Sufism. Ibn ʿArabī is venerated as a saint by some scholars and Muslim communities. His significant works include “The Meccan Illuminations,” an extensive mystical work, and “The Ringstones of Wisdom,” a summary of his teachings on divine revelation. Additionally, he left behind a collection of poetry, prayers, treatises on mystical experiences, and technical manuals for spiritual development. His profound influence has crossed cultural and linguistic boundaries, making him one of the most celebrated and widely read mystics in the Muslim world and beyond. Ibn Arabi through his profound understanding of Islamic spirituality not only influenced his immediate circle of listeners and disciples but also successive generations of spiritual thinkers, practitioners and scholars in the Arabic, Persian and Turkish speaking worlds.

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