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Dr. Muhammad Hamid

Dr. Muhammad Hamid was a renowned educationist with a diverse career. He began as a member of the Jang group in 1966 before joining the Pakistan Army in 1969, where he served for over 27 years in various capacities. He held a doctorate degree in political science from Punjab University and also possessed Masters degrees in English, Urdu, and Political Science. Dr. Hamid was a prolific author with over 50 books to his name, including a world-renowned biography of Imam Shamil, translated into more than 10 languages. He actively participated in and led various international conferences. Notably, he contributed significantly to Islamic literature, producing an English translation of Fatawa e Alamgiri, covering a wide range of issues faced by Muslims in daily life, inheritance, and economics. Dr. Hamid was also a talented poet, translating Qaseeda Burdah Shareef into four different languages. His multifaceted contributions left a lasting impact on education and Islamic literature.

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