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Henry Corbin

Henry Corbin was a prominent French philosopher, theologian, and Iranologist known for his influential work on traditional Islamic philosophy. Born in Paris in April 1903, he received a Catholic education but later delved into modern philosophy and became the first French translator of Martin Heidegger. His encounter with Suhrawardi, a 12th-century Persian Muslim thinker, sparked his interest in Iranian Islam, which he believed preserved older perennial elements related to Zoroastrianism and Platonism. Corbin’s studies led him to regularly spend time in Iran, collaborating with Shia thinkers and immersing himself in the spiritual traditions of the region. He also engaged with Carl Jung’s Eranos circle of scholars and wrote extensively on Islamic and Christian mysticism. His notable work, “Histoire de la philosophie islamique,” challenged the prevailing European view that Islamic philosophy declined after Ibn Rushd, showcasing the continued vitality and significance of the tradition. Corbin’s profound impact on the study of Islamic philosophy persists to this day.

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