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René Guénon

René Guénon (1886-1951), also known as Abdalwâhid Yahiâ, was a prominent French intellectual with a significant impact on metaphysics and esotericism. He wrote extensively on various topics, including sacred science, traditional studies, symbolism, and initiation. Guénon claimed to transmit Eastern religious traditions to Western readers while remaining faithful to their essence. However, some historians have questioned this claim and placed him within the context of Orientalist discourse. From the age of 24 in 1910, he was initiated into Islamic esotericism, and most of his writings were in French, with translations available in over twenty languages. He also contributed an article in Arabic to the journal Al Marifah. Guénon’s works continue to be studied and revered for their profound insights into metaphysical and esoteric subjects.

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