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مناظر احسن گیلانی

Manazir Ahsan Gilani was an eminent Indian Sunni Islamic scholar, born on October 1, 1892, in Asthawan, Bihar. His ancestors were Arab descendants who settled in India centuries ago. He received his early education at home and later studied in Tonk, Rajasthan, before joining Darul Uloom Deoband in 1912. At Deoband, he studied under renowned scholars like Mahmud Hasan Deobandi, Anwar Shah Kashmiri, and Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, among others. Gilani excelled in Hadith studies and became a prominent authority in the field.

He served as the Dean of the Faculty of Theology at Osmania University for 25 years and influenced notable students like Muhammad Hamidullah and Ghulam Muhammad Rabbani. After retiring from Osmania University in 1948, he returned to his hometown, Gilani, where he focused on writing. Among his notable works are Tadwin-e-Hadith, Muqaddama Tadwin-e-Fiqh, Sawanih-e-Abu Dharr Ghifari, and Sawanih-e-Qasmi. Gilani’s contributions to Islamic scholarship and Hadith studies continue to be revered. He passed away on June 5, 1956.

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