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فرید الدین عطار

Farid ud-Din Attar of Nishapur, an Iranian poet and Sufi theoretician, had a profound impact on Persian poetry and Sufism. Born around 1145 in Nishapur, little is known about his life, but he was likely the son of a prosperous chemist and received an excellent education. He practiced pharmacy and gained deep insights into people’s troubles and spiritual needs. Inspired by Sufi ideas, he abandoned his pharmacy and embarked on extensive travels, meeting Sufi Shaykhs and promoting their teachings. Attar’s works, including lyrical and philosophical poems, as well as a prose work on famous Muslim mystics, gained recognition centuries after his death. His best-known works include “The Conference of the Birds,” “The Book of Divine,” and “Memorial of the Saints.” At the age of 78, Attar met a violent death during the Mongol massacre in Nishapur in 1221. His mausoleum in Nishapur remains a revered site.

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