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فخر الدین عراقی

Fakhr al-Din Iraqi, a Persian Sufi poet of the 13th century, is renowned for his mixed prose and poetry work, the Lama’at (“Divine flashes”), and his collection of ghazals. Born into a religious and learned family, Iraqi joined a group of wandering dervishes in search of spiritual knowledge. He later became a disciple of Baha al-Din Zakariyya, the leader of the Suhrawardiyya Sufi order in Multan, India. After Zakariyya’s death, Iraqi briefly succeeded him but faced envy from his former master’s son and disciples, leading him to leave. He settled in Konya, Anatolia, where he became associated with influential figures like Mu’in al-Din Parwana. Accused of collaboration, he fled and eventually settled in Damascus, where he passed away in 1289. Iraqi’s writings combined the Sufi traditions of Ibn Arabi with Persian poetic style, leaving a lasting impact on Iranian spirituality. The knowledge of his life mainly comes from later sources, with the earliest being the Tarikh-i guzida by Hamdallah Mustawfi.

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