The Voyage of No Return | Claude Addas | Ibn al-Arabi

The Voyage of No Return | Claude Addas | Ibn al-Arabi


English Title: The Voyage of No Return
Author: Claude Addas
Pages: 134
Paper Type: Local paper
Year of Publication: 2000
Language: English
Binding: soft
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“The Voyage of No Return” is a book written by Claude Addas, a French philosopher and Islamic scholar. The book is a study of the teachings of the great Sufi master and mystic, Ibn al-Arabi. It explores the themes of Ibn al-Arabi’s philosophy, including the nature of existence, the role of the individual in the universe, and the journey of the soul towards ultimate realization. The book provides a detailed analysis of Ibn al-Arabi’s works and draws connections between his teachings and other philosophical and spiritual traditions. It is considered to be a valuable resource for those interested in Sufism and the thought of Ibn al-Arabi.

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